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Roman blinds

Roman blinds are ideal for reducing sunlight and are easy to use with a cord feature which are luxury fabric blinds. Choose from a range of colours and give your windows the roman look.

Roller blinds

A classic choice for window dressings. There are the most popular type of blinds and we have a variety to choose from ranging from different colours and patterns. One of the main advantages is that it takes up less window space which allows for more light into the room if you require it. 

Perfect fit blinds

Contemporary design blinds which are specifically designed for the use of UPVC windows due to their no screw, no drill functionality making them excellent for conservatories and PVC windows and doors throughout your premises.

Day & Night blinds

Also known as Vision blinds which are made from two layers of fabric which glide over each other, they can be used throughout different seasons. Users have control of how much light they wish to let in the room.

Pleated blinds

Also known as Hive or Honeycomb blinds is a style which has an eye-catching design that features slim top and bottom rails and can roll up, while still providing muted shading effect.

Electric blinds

Other names include Motorised or smart blinds. Remote controlled blinds which can be operated at the click of a button. Make your home a smart home with our electric smart blinds.

Velux, Skylight blinds

Quality skylight blinds that are made to measure are best suitable for windows such as lofts and attics. Available for Velux, Fakro and keylite windows.

Vertical blinds

Are made to filter light into your living space, our vertical blinds come in a variety of colours to blend seamlessly with your interior decor. Also available in blackout.

Metal Venetian blinds

We have a wide range of Venetian blinds which consists of aluminium venetian blinds, and faux wood venetians, wood venetians and PVC blind types to choose from.

Wooden blinds

The traditional design of the wooden blind is the most popular types amongst our customers as they are the most fashionable. We provide the best competitive price with a professional fitting service.

Silverline blinds


on selected made to measure blinds

About Silverline Blinds… a  family run business situated in West Yorkshire with a proven record of fitting blinds for customers and we are dedicated to exceeding our customers expectations. We have a sister company which specialises in properties since 2006 where we have been involved with installing windows, blinds and other services like general day to day maintenance of installations and renovations of properties.


Got Questions ?

How long will I have to wait for an advisor to visit me in my home?

At your convenience and we aim to visit the next day.

Can I cancel my appointment?

You can cancel you appointment by calling our number.

Do you offer appointments after 6pm?

Yes, we offer appointments until 8pm.

Do I need to do anything before the fitting?

Yes please, if you could kindly clear the window area and that there are no obstructions if possible.

Can I rearrange my appointment for fitting?

Yes you can and there is no charge for doing so. 

Do you provide blinds for bathroom?

Bathroom, we provide blinds for every room in the house and will use suitable materials depending on which space requires them.
For example in a bathroom we would advise PVC which would be ideal for moisture and wet conditions.

How much do your blinds cost and how long do appointments take?

Our blinds are made-to-measure. You can book an appointment with one of our advisors and they will be able to dp measurements and provide you with a quote. There is no obligation to buy; average appointment times are around 30 minutes but it all depends on the size of rooms etc.

How much deposit will I have to pay?

A deposit of up to 50% will need to be paid when you place your order, depending on the value of the order.

How do I request an appointment?

You may complete a form or alternatively call us on our number.

How much is an appointment?

Absolutely free

What’s the best way to clean my blinds?

 We will advise you depending on the product being purchased.

How long will I have to wait for my blinds to be fitted?

Your blinds will be ready to be fitted between 3-5 working days.

How long will a blind fitting take?

This depends on the size of the job.


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